1 Bedroom + Hall w/ Balcony+ Kitchen + Toilet

Tenancy / Tawtheeq + 24/7 maintenance Free (AC) Service

@ Electra Street , Backside of El dorado cinema

Abu Dhabi city


Our Great and knowledgeable aim would be to provide best cleaning company in abu dhabi for all kinds of cleaning service in abu dhabi


Swift IT is one of the established and reputed IT companies in Abu Dhabi providing a broad spectrum of innovative IT solutions and support for organisations and corporate clients in the UAE.



We provide Electrical & A/C Maintenance for office campus, industries, multi storey building by employing well-experienced licensed electrician and A/C mechanics under the control of Sr. Technical persons from our Engineering/Technical Division.


landscaping services and design business that specializes in creating and maintaining outdoor active spaces and landscapes for residential and commercial properties all throughout UAE.